There are so many unseen suffers of PTSD, who are in the grip of its debilitating effects. It is easy to assume that it is something which only military veterans suffer with, the reality of PTSD is actually very different. I have helped and supported not only those who have not only been in an exaggerated and prolonged combat environment but also those who have endured trauma-related illness from accidents, longer-term abusive relationships. As within any working, home or personal life, there is an amount of stress that can come into it. From feeling overloaded with work emails to working on the front line within a crisis setting on a daily basis, the plain and simple truth is that we simply cannot avoid stress. It is never about avoiding it, it is about knowing how to deal and cope with it. Basically, we all possess the same brain, but the thoughts both conscious and subconscious we run our different and these different thoughts allow us to perceive the world differently. Within my work with veterans, I help them to deal with the past in a manner that both calms and relaxes them, so they can let go of those traumas and also empower them so they are able to deal with real life both back at home and within the work environment.   


TRAUMA-RELATED ISSUES: It is possible to suffer from PTSD or similar symptoms due to traumatic accidents, working within a non-combat crisis setting or even a sudden and unexpected change to your lifestyle. For example the loss of a valued friendship, a relationship of work position coming to an unexpected. The problem is that we do not always recognise that we are suffering from these symptoms and think that our emotional state may just be down to loss or low mood. Trauma can come in many states and underplaying the effects of prolonged stress or sudden shocks to our system, can prove detrimental to our long term mental and emotional health. There is no right or wrong way to define something traumatic. If an experience has left you in a poor emotional state, no matter what this experience was then you are experiencing emotional trauma related issues. We often shy away from dealing with these issues, as we won`t always accept the fact the there are still poor or negative associations from something which we have experienced. These associations can also lay hidden deep within our subconscious and it is not until something triggers them that we realise that we have shut them away or buried them, but still not dealt with them. It is only when we deal with these traumas that we can safely let them go and know that we will be free of their effects without fear of them resurfacing again.


PTSD DUE TO ABUSE: You may even be suffering the effects of PTSD due to being a victim of systematic abuse. Deliberate emotional manipulation can be the cause of many emotional issues and complex PTSD is one of them.  


GRIEF: Having to deal with the pain of the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult and emotionally draining experiences we can ever go through. Yet it is something that impacts every single person on the planet and something no one can avoid. We are human and it is natural to hurt when we feel a part of our lives is over and the majority of us deal with the pain and find some peace and solace. However, the sheer shock of the loss of a loved one can sometimes emotionally unbalance us to such a degree, that we find it too difficult to cope with life and start to struggle to move on. This is where we need to find some emotional rebalancing and start to allow ourselves the opportunity to find peace within our lives again.


STRESS AND ANXIETY: Of all of the work that I do, by far the greatest concern that anyone ever comes to me with is a concern over stress and anxiety. For many people suffering from stress and Anxiety can be emotionally crippling and lead to many poor physical health-related issues. It can prevent us from achieving so many things, even those things in life that we enjoy. But stress and anxiety can be dealt with very easily as long as we take the correct approach and again look beyond just what it is that we are feeling stressed or anxious about. For many people, the thought of having to face something in their life can produce a stressful or anxious state, even before it happens. This is actually a good thing, as if we know that we can produce a stressful state in our mind, even without us being in the situation then it can also be changed and dealt with within our mind. The problem with any stress and anxiety related state is that there will usually be something that lies beyond it and the stressful image that we are fearing is not actually the root cause. I have created a unique therapy called the FREE program, the program allows us to remove the effects of stress and anxiety and also uncover the reasons for our stresses and anxieties and deal with those as well.


Work-related stress and anxiety: Work can be one of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety within our lives and we will often get used to a low level of stress, which can be motivating and give us a sense of drive and purpose within our role. However when we get to a point where we feel that the stress of work is starting to work against us and becomes and demotivating factor then we need to find a new way of dealing with this.


So how do we know if we have just had more work than we can manage or work-related stress? Sometimes it may well be that we have a greater workload and this increased amount of work can compound on our thoughts of personal performance and cause us to become anxious whenever we think about our work or enter the workplace. If we reduce our workload we will feel our stress levels reduce and start to function in a more positive manner to others and ourselves. But what if our workload is reduced or manageable and we are still stressed and anxious? Then we may be suffering from a poor mindset to any “perceived or potential stress” that work may bring and start to behave and respond poorly and sometimes even become unwell. It is this perceived level of stress that we can do something about and start to adopt a stronger and more positive approach to it. 

Although work-related stress can be common it is something that I have helped numerous people to reduce quite quickly and help them return to work, feeling relaxed with a stronger and calmer mindset.


DO I EVEN HAVE A FEAR OR A PHOBIA: When is a fear not a fear, when it’s a phobia? We will often mix up something that we fear with something that causes a phobic reaction within ourselves. Now while having a fear or phobia can cause us to have a poor reaction to whatever we are scared of, it is important that we aware of the difference between the two. I have often seen those who will tell me that they are suffering from an acute phobia due to a misdiagnosis or poor analysis and then after 60 minutes of therapy they have completely gotten over it. Fears are something which does not necessarily have to be rational I once helped someone get over their fear of bananas but do not necessarily have a great amount of control over our lives; we just may not like them. Think of someone dragging their nails down a blackboard. We do not like the idea of it, but we do not have a phobia of it. Now if you were always fearful of hearing this sound, then we may find that we took certain actions to avoid blackboards and might struggle to even write on one. We would do this as we have a strong negative feeling attached to the idea of what might happen if we were around one. So you could say that you have a fear of this event happening. Now if could not even enter a room where there was a blackboard and actually broke out into a sweat at the thought of having to, you are behaving in a manner that is more phobic than fearful. Many people have come to visit me to get over their fear of flying and that is all that it is a fear of flying. They are able to get on a plane, but it is uncomfortable and they fear having to do it. This is something that I can help someone change within 1 or 2 sessions. Now again those who just could not even visit an airport for fear of feeling so unwell that they may be sick would be described as having a phobia.

If you are still struggling to achieve anything in life due to a strong limiting belief that you cannot overcome, then maybe it is time that you made that change to your thoughts and saw what you could achieve. Remember danger is real, fears and phobias are a choice. You do have a choice to overcome this and it can be done. 

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