Are you looking for a stress free, low cost divorce or separation? 

If you are about to divorce or separate, then don`t do another thing until you take a look at my new book, Letting Go Gently. As you might be about to make some costly mistakes, which could easily be avoided.


I created this book to show you how you can achieve a lower cost, stress free and more amicable separation. 


So before you even think about starting a long, stressful legal battle with expensive solicitors fees, find out how they can be reduced or even avoided.  

Are you about to go through a break up

Are you feeling abandoned by the person you trusted and loved more than anyone?


Maybe your considering leaving your partner?


Perhaps you are going through a divorce or separation and struggling to cope?


If you are feeling alone, lost and not sure where to turn or what to do next. 


Then you need to start healing, and moving forward today

Working alongside a professional can help you to not only heal sooner, but also save you money on your divorce or separation.


How Can a Divorce and Separation Coach help you? 


My specialised one to one coaching will include the following​


  1. Gain clarity on what you want now and start to build confidence in your own decision making 
  2. End the feelings of sadness, anger and resentment and create stronger emotions.
  3. Create a plan for moving forward, which will give you what you want.
  4. Learn how to mediate and negotiate your own divorce and get the best from any negotiations you are in
  5. Save money, you would otherwise lose on unnecessary legal fees. By moving through the divorce process quicker.
  6. Finally move on, set boundaries with your ex, and start to create and enjoy your new life.

It does not matter what stage of your divorce or separation you are at, you can work with a divorce coach at any time.Your journey with me will help you heal, find happiness and freedom, while saving you money on high legal fees.

Divorce and separation support includes


  • Coaching calls/ one to one or zoom meetings
  • Mediation and coaching training
  • Emotional support sessions 

Why I am different, because I choose different

In my latest book, I show you how I separated from my long-term partner for £125 by taking a modern and unique approach to separation. 

It was this process, along with my personal experiences of legal divorce and being a qualified mediator and negotiator, which has given me an insight in why divorce and separation does not have to be expensive or painful.

Not only can I help you to let go of the painful emotions, I can help you and support you in getting the best from your negotiation/mediation with your ex and then coach you to create a pathway to freedom and a positive new life.

I am always happy to conduct a free consultation call beforehand, to give you the chance to see how best I can help you.  07919102191




Relationships are one of the most important things within your life, for it is relationships that actually hold the world together and decide how it is going to function. Just think about the number of unique and different relationships that you have, from your neighbours to family, friends, work colleagues. You have and hold many relationships, even with people you have never met, online relationships can become quite important these days as it is the modern day meeting and discussion forum. But what do we do when our relationships fall apart, stop working or even hit a crisis point.


As a qualified mediator I have seen and supported those within every kind of relationship, from work, family and partner to help and work through the most difficult periods and challenges. It is always helpful when we have someone who can provide a detached third party perspective into our world and either help support us or mediate and guide us towards an amicable solution. If you have concerns about any of your relationships, maybe you are fearful that they are off the track at this time and need guidance and support then contact me for a free mediation consultation. 


CONFIDENCE: “I wish that I could just go out and buy a jar of confidence” someone once said to me. Well actually you can, confidence like any emotional state is available to anyone, it just depends upon the mindset that you wish to take. Again with something such as addictions or fears, it is never about dealing with those things that sit on the surface, it is about taking that new and unique perspective on who we are and how we see ourselves within the world. Real confidence, that inner reassurance actually lies within you. You just need to switch that switch on in your mind and go for whatever you want. However, the problem that many people face is finding that switch and actually switching it on in the first place. It can often take some looking and it has usually become buried under a whole pile of things, usually, our past experiences so will take some routing out.


MASCULINITY: Who and what should you be as a male these days? How can being a stronger more confident male help you to see your full potential as a partner, husband, worker friend or even Father? Being a strong male has very little to do with those Alpha Male adverts that we see pop up on social media. It has more to do with being centred and grounded as a man and facing up to responsibilities and the reality of who you are and want to be. Have you ever met a man who had such a zen-like calmness about him and inner reassurance that you just knew you were in the company of someone you could totally trust? Someone who could give his word, deliver and make the right decisions. We are not talking arrogant and misogynistic, we are talking, respectful, calm confident and totally in control of his own thoughts and mind. Over the years I have worked with a number of men, who have lost their way in life due to poor emotional health, abuse or trauma. Part of their pathway to recovery was about centring and finding themselves again and how they fit into modern day society. As the world changes and evolves almost on a daily basis, those who are true to their own highest values and walk a path of decency and authenticity can easily navigate whatever obstacles the world throws at them.

Are you looking to find your own inner masculinity again and want to take back your ability to make good and positive decisions that help you and those who are important to you? Phone me for a confidential and free telephone consultation.

Fee's Each Session costs £50 and will focus on those areas of your life where you feel you need to develop. This can be around your relationship, or confidence. 

How to contact me and book a session:-

You can phone, email, or use the contact form below or find me through my facebook page Hypnotherapy in Norwich

Call:      07919102191 

Email:  Jason_edwards@hotmail.com 

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